Restaurants look to comfort food as more cooks are saving money by dining in

According to a report in Reuters, “People are expected to opt for familiar fare with beans, pasta and chicken – and eat home more, making 2009 the year of the home cook.”

As the year progresses, grocery shoppers and home cooks will be looking for opportunities to save money while reevaluating their food needs and prioritizing what ingredients are the most important to them and their families.

While the organic food segment has been experiencing double digit growth the last few years, this market segment is expected to dip marginally before bouncing back again later this year. Local foods will continue to grow as in many regions of the country they still offer the best value when shopping seasonally.

When we do choose to eat out, experts predict that the growing ‘fast casual’ sector – like Panera – will be bring the diners in with comfort food selections. Neighborhood hangouts like bistros and bars will also fare well as they contribute to a sense of community.

To save money, more cooks are seeking out advice on meal planning, preserving and of course, ideas for what to do with chicken.

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